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Constructing a sustainable, trustworthy, and reliable future. Committed to using cutting-edge technology and innovation to achieve excellence.


Manufacture finest standard of steel products. Intensify customer satisfaction while being a socially responsible organization and committing to uphold highest ethical standards. Conducting operations in a safe environment. Protecting the interest of all stakeholders through sustainable growth and value creation.


Through astute leadership, creative problem-solving, and a drive to always strive for greater and astute business judgment. Dedication to high-quality manufacturing and improving client satisfaction. Future leaders can be developed by nurturing talent and encouraging them to enhance their skills constantly. The company seeks to protect the interests of its stakeholders while creating value through sustainable growth and fulfilling corporate social responsibility.



At Ajeej Steel, we are constantly striving for better. We seek to exceed expectations our customers/clients have from us. We place considerable emphasis on safety of our employees which starts with ensuring that all safety SOP (standard operating procedures) are maintained at all times.

At AJEEJ STEEL, our organization embraces diversity. Our staff and employees are held strictly accountable in case there is a breach of any ethical value or social norm offending any sect, religion, caste, creed or ethnicity.

AJEEJ Steel wants to become synonymous with sustainability so that it can succeed in tomorrow's world and make a major contribution with its steel products to the infrastructure development of VISION 2030.

We at AJEEJ believe, quality is essential for competitive advantage, so we never compromise on our quality standards.



Provide high quality products which are notable and remarkable. Meeting globally elevated environmental status.

In order to achieve our goals, we depend upon motivated employees and their profound skills/talents.

AJEEJ Steel firmly believes in contributing to economic and structural development in KSA.

We place our utmost effort in manufacturing and marketing international quality steel products.

At Ajeej Steel, we make use of state-of-the-art technologies to produce sustainable and dependable steel/iron.

We place particular emphasis on securing and maintaining long-term relationships with clients.


Ajeej Steel serves as the ideal partner to meet the growing industry requirements for steel. A diversified full-fledged manufacturing facility based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Ajeej Steel is the premier producer of quality steel products for wide ranging needs having a total manufacturing capacity of more than 700,000 MT annually.

Company initially focused on steel manufacturing with Installation of its first melting plant and excellent corrosion resistant property. Special Range of Billets known as CRS Billets which are produced by the company contain various corrosion resistant elements like Copper, Chromium and Phosphorous that impart corrosion resistance to the Re-Bars rolled out of this special type of billets.

At AJEEJ, we produce Steel Billets in sizes between
(100×150-100×150) in the length of: 4,6,12, and 14 meters.
Re-Bars production range consists between 32-8mm. In our structural steel section we manufacture, I-Beam, U Channels and Angles in the size of 75mm up to 350mm.

We offer the facility to customize length and size according to client's requirement as well.

We are satisfied and delighted to share that AJEEJ STEEL holds several ISO certifications.



Located in Al Kharj Industrial City. Ajeej Steel serves an extensive network of clientele including pre-engineering companies, steel trading companies and construction majors not in the Middle East but across wider markets that are easily accessed from its headquarters.



Led by a team of experienced & skilled professionals, Ajeej Steel has set new benchmarks in the steel industry through its commitment to quality, excellence & service standards. A trusted name in the industry, Ajeej Steel is led by the vision to support the region’s Infrastructure
development by providing world-class steel products through long-term partnerships.